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We pride ourselves on being the only
UK custom shop speaker cabinet maker.

With the knowledge and unparalleled choices to build you the fully custom guitar or bass cabinet you want.

Hardwood/Pine Cabinets &

Hardwood Cabinets

Hardwood Custom Guitar Cabinet 2x12

We have access to a huge variety of local timber yards, arborists and hardwood dealers.

This gives you a beautiful selection of hardwoods to choose from to build your custom hardwood guitar cabinet.

Traditional Pine Cabs

Pine Combo Cabinet 1x12 Custom

Need that lightweight vintage pine build tone?

Like old vintage Fender and Marshall cabinets, we can build replacement vintage specification guitar cabinets. 

With full hand made joinery and premium pine timber we can create that bright warm tone that can be found in 50s & 60s Fender combos and amplifiers.


Pine Guitar Cabinet

Do you need a custom combo cabient, rack enclosure or bespoke amp head shell? 

Have you an amp kit that needs a new home?

or a replacement for a old vintage cab?

We can offer any of these in hand made high quality hardwood and pine.

Built to you requirements and needs.

Custom Shop builds


We are the only UK Specialist Custom Shop and the leading manufacturer of fully custom guitar cabinets and accessories. We have the team and resources to build your custom guitar rig. Any size, finish, colour, sound you desire. All major speaker brands are available.
With a huge supplier base, we can source all types of hardware,
finish and design details you would like.
The choices are endless and it's all hand built bespoke to you.

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